Guest Speaker


Guest Speaking

Nancy is able to  put together talks, studies, and teachings on a n umber of topics, including Waiting on God, The Many Aspects of Prayer, Hearing and Discerning God's Voice, Contentment, The Strategies of Satan, Faith Out on a Limb, The Power in  Praise, Single and Waiting, and countless others.     She has also put together numerous in-depth character studies of people of the Bible, gleaning from their lives and experiences nuggets of truth and spiritual insight that she readily translates to our own lives.  Her acting background allows her to bring to life what otherwise might remain concemptual- even at times actually portraying a character outright, when an event permis.  She infuses historical, political, and cultural background that brings God's word to vibrant  life and gives explanation to many potentially confusing  passages.  She strives to make her listeners lose their intimidation of the Bible and fall in love with God's word! There are reasons why her  two Bible studies she teaches have been with her for so long and are growing so much. 


Generates Excitement

      She crafts her messages to encourage others to move closer and deeper with Christ and experience the reality of His love, power, and the endless possibilities in the Christian life. Her own relationship with Christ is infectious, and she communicates in a relaxed, warm, comfortable, yet challenging way. She can tailor a talk to fit an event or particular topic with ease. She often combines both her speaking and music with very powerful results.