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      Nancy has been singing almost from the time she could talk, rumor has it, but it would be many years before she would make her first "public" appearance at the age of seventeen in a college musical production. Thus began her foray into the world of music and theatre. While at college, she starred in every production that the school put on during that time. Graduating with a Business Degree, she continued to star in various community and regional theatre productions. 

    Nancy enjoys singing all types of music, which accounts for the huge variety she has tackled. With three and one half octaves to her range, her clear soprano’s sweet, pure tones are duly complimented by her rich, mellow alto. She has performed in the areas of jazz, big band/standards, Broadway/show tunes, classical music, and adult contemporary pop, all to much acclaim. She even had a one-year stint as the lead singer for a rock band! She is able to slip from one style to another seamlessly, capturing the nuances relative to each genre while putting her own unique signature on the music.  

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         Born with a good ear, she has thrived in the environment of vocal harmony combos in jazz, pop and classical styles. She herself has done much of the vocal arranging for her original songs and recordings, constructing dense and complex harmonies and textures. 

        When Nancy was in her mid-twenties, she had a spiritual awakening, committing herself to Jesus Christ. She began turning the poems she was writing about this experience into songs; this led to the beginning of a Christian Music Ministry that has been alive and well for several years now. Like many people, it was a painful experience that had drawn her closer to God, and she wanted to share with others how real the help of Jesus was during this time and what a difference it made for her.  


Over the last years, she has devoted much of her energies and abilities toward reaching out to people, Christian and non-Christian, to deepen or awaken their understanding and relationship with the Lord.

Her style is gentle and inviting; many people have experienced the opening and healing of their own hearts as a result of her music, and the way that she communicates it. 

Although she has had no formal voice training or music schooling, she loves to sing and she considers her ability to do so a gift from God, and a great privilege. "When I sing, I feel the pleasure and joy of His Presence..." Her hope is that you will, too!


Comments and Critiques


A few comments and critiques:

“…A voice with amazing versatility…whether she is singing jazz or classical, or belting out a Broadway hit, she does it all, and extremely well! A very rich, warm, colored voice, equally as at home in the basement as it is in the stratosphere! Her high notes, in particular, thrill! There is never any doubt that she will achieve the mark- she hits all cleanly and with marvelous tone, AND she makes it look easy.”

“She is a person who communicates a song with extraordinary depth and sincerity!”

“This singer has a warmth and ease that make each audience member feel like she is their best friend.”

“Nancy’s original songs, her voice, her very manner, invoke the presence of God- truly the hall was transformed into Holy ground as she sang and spoke with conviction and love. And that love was infectious…”


“…her face shines with the presence of Jesus, and He becomes very real to each and every one in the room.”

“…A presentation and teaching style both humorous and challenging!”

“She brings the truths of the Scriptures to life in a most extraordinary way…”

“Ms. Tutunjian Berger brings a degree of professionalism that makes the process easy and painless…”

 " Nancy is an accomplished vocalist and speaker who brings listeners into the presence of the Lord. She weaves God's Word into her concerts in very memorable and practical ways. She is a delight!"
~ Barbara Weatherbee, Trinity Church

 " Nancy Tutunjian Berger is an incredibly gifted vocalist and musician who exudes a heart of worship every time she leads us. She brings a passion for Jesus and seeing Him exalted to every act within the church."
~ Rev. Gregory V. Haroutunian, First Armenian Church

"Nancy ministered at our Family Breakfast and also at our Sunday Morning Service. She has a beautiful voice accompanied by a sweet spirit. She was a great blessing to us at Crossway and we know that she will be a  blessing to you!"

- Pastor Dennis and Heather Marais, Crossway Christian Church 

 "Nancy Tutunjian Berger steps into the space between congregation and God with a natural joy, zest and faith conviction that inspires and invites a faith response in kind. Her ear for complex, beautiful and moving melody is keen. She teaches from her life and her experience of Scripture with grace."
~ Pastor Jonathan Goodell, Tewksbury Congregational Church

" Nancy's appearance at our church was a blessing; she is very sincere in her love towards Jesus Christ, and she brings this forth in her music and testimony. An extraordinary presence that moves the heart deeply and brings one nearer to God."
~ Rev. Vincent Prestigiacomo

" Everyone really enjoyed your talk. You did a nice job of blending teaching with your testimony. Your approach allowed you to get across some great teaching points without the sense of being lectured to. You have a very good style that God is using effectively."
~ Ed Murphy, Freedom Farm Ministries

" Nancy is a gifted singer-songwriter with a gentle grace that ushers you immediately into the Spirit of God. She understands how to interpret the moment and has been a blessing to our congregation each and every time she has led us in worship"
~ Pastor John Barstow, Crossroads Evangelical Church

" If the composer himself had been in the audience of 800 strong, he would have joined the applauding vigorously after hearing soprano soloist Nancy Tutunjian Berger immortalize his compositions with an utterly exquisite voice and flawless interpretation."
~ Tom Vartabedian, Correspondent and Writer

" When Nancy sings, she fills my soul; it is like a singing sermon that she delivers. She has an angelic voice and when she sings, the words penetrate to your soul and God is glorified. She is also very organized and reliable, which makes it easy to work and plan with her. She has led worship and music at our conferences."
~Silva Khoshafian, Chairperson, Armenian East Coast Women's Conference

" Nancy's message is from her heart as she shares how God met her where she was at and drew her to Himself. She will make you think and desire a relationship with God that is full of hope, peace, and joy, plus, she SINGS!"
~ Lesley Appleton, Bethany Church

"Nancy was warm, personable, and very willing to acommodate the needs of our ladies group. It wasn't long before we felt she was one of us and our hearts were lifted upward. We all felt one with Christ as she shared her awesome gift of music and testimony with us"
~ Women's Ministry Team, Lebanon-North Berwick Baptist Church

" Nancy Tutunjian Berger is a consummate professional soprano who sings from her heart and enters the hearts of all who hear her."
~ Sandra Bailey Kendall, Music Director, Conductor

  Nancy is a tremendous singer and a total delight to work with. Her appearance with the Quincy Symphony was a great success!"
~ Yoichi Udagawa, Music Director and Conductor, Quincy Symphony Orchestra

" Nancy is a most gifted performer who sings torch songs, romantic ballads, operatic arias, Christian Pop, Jazz, and Swing with equal talent, style, and personality; one of the most versatile voices I have worked with. A wonderful collaborator, she takes from the director the concept and adds her own sixth sense to produce a stunning performance. An incredibly quick yet thorough study, a true professional in every sense of the word."
~ Victor Dal Pozzal, Music Director

"Nancy was wonderful to work with during the planning for our Women's Breakfast.Her heartfelt, Scripture- based message was blended with examples from her own faith walk which touched many of those attending the event"

- Women's Ministries, Charlton Baptist Church, Charlton, MA. 

"Nancy is a singer with  a wonderfully versatile voice, equally adept at Classical, Broadway, Church Music, and even Jazz Standards Her songwriting skills are exemplary and she is a joy to work with" 

-  John Baboian, Professor- Guitar Dept.,  Berklee Colleg e of Music; Music Director, "The Be-Bop Guitars"

"Nancy ministered to our Singles Group at St. Paul Evangelical Church. She was fantastic. Her music and testimony was such a blessing. Her singing and presentation left everyone in awe. She made such an impression she  will also be ministering to our women's Joy Fellowship group. God bless you!" 

-  Rich DeLuca, Board Member, St. Paul's Evangelical Church, Lexington, MA.

"Great having you sing with our Big Band. You kept the beat we put down, and you have a talent for tempo which is not universal among singers!"

-  Alan Sousa

"The music and message that Nancy shared at our church certainly touched many lives, as told to me by the many who were in attendance that evening. We appreciate Nancy's heart for the Lord and the talents she is willing to share. I was searching for a special speaker and vocalist for out church banquet. I knew when I heard a clip from one of Nancy's original pieces that her ministry was exactly what I had been seeking"

-  Steve Singer, Groton Heights Baptist Church, CT.